Fuck Anti-trans Laws

If I'm old enough to kill brown people in the Middle East, I'm old enough to make choices that affect my body. If I'm old enough to know what straight relationships are, I'm old enough to know what non-hetero relationships are. If you feel the need to suppress my right to be happy because of your religious beliefs or "morals", you're not a good person.

You're the same people who "beat the queer" out of gay kids years ago. You're the same people who disown your queer kids today, and probably still beat them. You're the same people who harass and bully us and love, just love, to talk about the 50% suicide rate. If you aren't ready to accept your kids for who they are, you shouldn't have kids at all. If you can't accept someone for expressing who they are without hurting anyone, you should leave society and never come back.

My rights aren't up for debate. My right to be happy is not up for debate. If you are trying to debate why certain groups of people deserve less rights, you are a terrible excuse for a human being. You never were or will be a good person.

We shouldn't go back to the days of being scared for our lives just because we aren't "normal." We have to strive for a better tomorrow where people are happy with who they are, are free to explore their identity, and are allowed to be alive. Anything else is completely unacceptable.


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