Create a Keyoxide Account

Keyoxide is a service that allow you to prove what accounts belong to you using your GPG fingerprint. Not only is it free (as in free of cost and as in freedom), it can be self-hosted!

This entry aims to simplify and organize the instructions a bit better. To use this service, you must know how to work with gpg, so you'll definitely want to read my entry on Proper GPG Usage to get acquainted with it.

Create the Account

  1. First and foremost, create your gpg keypair if you haven't already.
  2. Afterwards, Export your public key to a file and upload it to this site.
  3. In a short while, return to the Keyoxide homepage, enter your email, then click "generate profile" (this will search for your key on, it doesn't create an account).

You will now see your newly created Keyoxide profile!

Adding/Removing Claims

To verify what profiles belong to you, you will add claims to your profile.

To add a claim, go to the Keyoxide Document page on how to add claims. If the service you want to add is on the list, follow the instructions under that page. To remove a claim, follow the instructions here.

Remember: You must always update your profile so the changes you've made reflect on your Keyoxide profile.

Update Profile

In the future, as you add or remove claims, you will have to reupload the key. Simply run the following command after making the desired changes (substitute FINGERPRINT for your gpg key fingerprint):

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --send-keys FINGERPRINT

Profile Picture

Keyoxide depends on LibAvatar to fetch a profile picture.

To set a profile picture, register at LibAvatar and upload your image. It'll show up on Keyoxide in a bit.

LibAvatar uses Gravatar as a backup, so if you make your account and it already has a profile picture, you may have uploaded the image somehow in the past.


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