Got Pins

(I don't expect anyone to care about this, I just wanna share.)

Spencer's and Earth Bound are Pretty Good

Went to the mall today and I found some stuff I have wanted for a while, namely pins.

Both stores have a pretty good selection of pins to sift through. There were some space-related pins and pronoun pins in Earth Bound. Spencer's had a pin with a demon girl with "LEWD" beneath her. I bought a pronoun, a planet, and the LEWD pins. I've wanted to decorate my backpack for the longest time now. I never did it in school because of the fear I'd get stuff stolen (valid fear, I had pens get stolen from me). Now that I'm in the "adult world," I'm hoping that people actually respect other people's properties and don't steal. So far, think the people around me are pretty nice and I trust them enough to leave my things unattended.

My Pins!

Here is an image of my pins. Click it to see the high-quality version.

Picture of my pins


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