The Geek Code Has be Updated Sooner than Later

Introduction: The Code of the Geeks

I recently came across the Geek Code (GC from now on) thanks to Amolith's homepage. It took me a good 30 minutes to grasp, but it's really simple once the initial barrier is surpassed. The goal, from what I understood, is to give a summary about yourself in an obfuscated manner. Only people who know how the meaning of the letters and symbols or those who use a decoder will understand what the gibberish says.

As much as I love it, however, I think it has to be updated.

The Issue: Too Old

According to the official GC site, it was last revised on March 5, 1996. The original author, Robert A. Hayden, wrote on the GC homepage, "The Geek Code stands as it does now, still in the pure and pristine form it was intended." He added that the code will someday receive an update, but the day has yet to come. And that day may never come, to be quite honest. I can't find much information about the Hayden who created the GC. The only thing close to it was an obituary about someone who has the same name who also was a tech person at some point in his life. If the obituary is of our Hayden, a revision won't come from him. But if the man is still alive, I doubt a revision will be issued after 26 years on nothing.

While the latest GC revision is good enough for most people, it's still 26 years old. Society as a whole has drastically changed since then. Some of the operating systems people used back then are obsolete or deprecated. The ways people express their identity is not the same, it's not as restrictive as it once was.

The Solution: Revise It Now*

In the official GC site, Hayden left a note stating that GC v3.x is supposed "to eliminate many of the non-geeky and unimportant categories in order to make room for geeky traits." By definition, a geek is a person with technological aptitude. However, I noticed that people (at least those who still use geek) colloquially use geek as a synonym for being smart in a certain field (for example: literature geek, animation geek, movie geek). By modern standards, "geeky traits" encompasses more than just computer stuff -- it probably doesn't even have to be limited to just computer stuff.

There is so much freedom that can be added to the GC if it were revised in the current year -- gender identity and sexuality can be accounted for, dietary restrictions if any, more detailed appearance descriptors, more shows can be listed, you name it. Not only can it be used to describe yourself in potentially less characters (useful for dating profiles and bios), you can also use it to quickly* filter out people with whom you share no common interests (for example, opposing political ideologies).

I don't think I'm capable of doing this on my own. I'm only one person and there are over 8 BILLION people on the planet, of whom just over half have access to the internet. I cannot possibly account for every detail of the human experience and expression. I will, however, play around with the GC specification and see what I come up with. Any contributions are welcome (if I ever actually make my changes public).

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