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Bi Pride Flag Chrome is the DEVIL Free of JS! If your son wears a skirt, get him some cute kneesocks as well. NTF? No Fucking Way! Tor JoJo! Google Chrome is Evil. Geocities! More Neocities! Parental Advisory Unspooked Religious Painting FOREVER online Apocalypse NOW Bouncy Bubbles! Internet Privacy, NOW! GeoCities1 GeoCities2 Completely Hand Coded! HelloKitty1 HelloKitty2 HelloKitty3 Homicide Now Minecraft Neocities Pink Neocities Piracy Now The Realm of Dream Sailor Moon Sweet Homepage <3 Trans Flag Best Viewed on Desktop WWW xBox 360 Anime is Gay as Hell, But I Approve Anti NFT Site This Page is an AOL TOS Violation Get Autism Today! I Like Computer Despacito NOW Empty God EAT THE RICH I Dream in HTML Tags Join the Fediverse! Legalize Weed Now Screw you all, I'm going back to my local network Love mafumafu Leave Twitter; Join Mastodon! NeoCities NeoCities in 2-Bit Color NeoCities in Pink It's ok to show your bros some love Trans Flag Get MS Virus Today Mastodon Wiby.me Enby Flag


Proud to be Autistic Trans Rights, baby! My brain most of the time I bitch, therefore I am Eat shit Eat the rich! ur so pretty!!! So happy I'm gonna puke Heartbeats Not a morning person Meltdown Night person I'm going fucking nuts Sailor Saturn!! <3 Save the Earth Sometimes I just wanna scream Another trans rights blinkie I'll never die Black... the color of life Anime! May the Blessed Spirits Protect You METALLICA Pretty Baby Cinnamon Roll <3 Eat the Rich The Goddess is Alive Ignore Elon Musk I <3 Music! Love Music! Make Me Smile Mean People Suck... Bi people have the Best of Both Worlds METALLICA I love anime! I love Cats! I Love Er! I <3 my GF!!! I <3 my Partner!!! I block Ads Nightmare Before Christmas Normal People Worry Me Paramore I am Still ANgry!! Emma Bloom Supremacy Blinkie Collector I Fell in the Web I Love Movies Filled with Love i refuse to grow up HTML Junkie Angel Aw Shit Reality is Where Bad Things Happen I Swing Both Ways Denied Heaven Compelled to Disobey Please Fuck Off. Thank You. Fuck Society I Love Revenge Like Hell Love; Hate; Desire Mother Fucker Must Be Obeyed Night Goddess I'm not weird, I'm gifted I don't wanna grow up! People are Strange Pulp Fiction Revolution Self Expression is NOT a Crime I Gaze at Stars Therapists took away my Super Powers Sweet Dreams Undead Vengance I Play Violent Videogames Do you love me? You made me die Info-dump Central Cringe Culture is DEAD Wanna hear about my special interest? bad web design dead in dog years love my cat I love my website NO SHAME Puppy Love Puppy Time Sleep? What's that? Where are the blinkies? I love napping I love napping


F/LOSS User MC Player Lazytown Fan Anime Fan Converse Fan Deathnote Fan Emo Kid Love Kira and L


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Bisexual Certified Cringeworthy M E A T Nihilist No Sleep Pizza!! Q U E E R Rainbow! P H R O S H E Stardew Valley Trans Flag! Trans Pride! Continue anyway? Galaxy! Game Boy Advanced Lake Star Pantone's Stardust Let Noobs use Frames Maybe you should make your own website Autistic Confuse pepople by SMILING Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Hello Kitty plushies wearing hats Hentai Collector Anime Hot i peed Nico Nino Niii! PUPPY i'm suicidal watch me yiff. now watch me nya nya. KittyDog Green alien I <3 Boobs Angel Statue Middle Finger YIKES La Vie en Rose White Lingerie yes i'm a catgirl; yes i love other cat girls; it's 2008, get over it Red Devil Carl Wheezer X Kim Jong Un I can log off whenever I want I love Electronics EVERY NIGHT Happy Halloween! i wanna be loved look at your stamp Love is in ALL Colors meow DANCE Not fighting my demons anymore Panic! At the Disco Horns Shiba cheek squish Toys-R-Us City Horizon Cute Bear!


Code By Hand Firefox Fuck Gender! GIMP Hand Coded HotTopic! I <3 Music LGBT Friendly LGBT Pride Pizza! 404 NOT FOUND Unorthodox Adoption – Blue Adoption – Red Dark City Horizon Blog Naked Love Me for Me The Frog Firefox Candy Addict Coffee‐Powered – Grey Coffee – Green Coffee – Brown Coffee Addict Coffee Blog Coffee Geek Coffee‐Powered – Black I Like a Cookie EFF Imagine Me Life as It Happens I'm a Misfit Nothing Less Open PGP PGP Key PRIDE! RSS RSS 4 You WGET_CURL XML Feed Get FireFox Linux Operated Steam Click Here! Please be Kind Fuck Nazis


Got COVID? Maintained by a Queer (Trans) Folk Anime Addict The Best Kiss Online Loser The Fediverse will now be defragmented. This process may take some time. Always wear your programming socks It's the current year. Everyone has a NeoCities Page!


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